Durga Puja

Durga Puja, which means “worship of Goddess Durga”, is also synonymous with Durgotsav (festival of Goddess Durga) and Sharodotsav (festival of autumn). In essence, Durga Puja has transformed itself into a festival which is centred on the worship of Goddess Durga. This festival finds its mention in ancient scriptures and is celebrated not only in the entire South Asian subcontinent spreading as far as Cambodia, but also by the Bengali diaspora in countries of Western Europe and North America.

In India, Durga Puja or Durgotsav is a socio-cultural and religious festival, which takes place every year on five main days from the sixth till the tenth day of bright lunar fortnight, also known as Debi Paksha (fortnight of the Goddess). This festival is the largest one in the eastern part of India especially in the region of Bengal (now West Bengal). It is the most glamourous and most popular socio-cultural festival in this region especially in Kolkata (capital of West Bengal) and its suburbs. In Kolkata, Durgotsav is celebrated spread over more than these five main days where the entire cosmopolitan city along with its suburbs amalgamate into a colourfully lit-up festivity depicting a harmonious pot-pourie of culture and happiness, surpassing all socio-religious barriers.

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