About Us

SWISSPUJA is committed to the promotion of Indian culture and values and intends to work towards facilitating integration with the local community. With this vision in mind, SWISSPUJA organises a number of socio-cultural events throughout the year. Durga Puja, the annual event of worshipping “Goddess Durga” is organised and celebrated as the major event, every year. This is a four day festival, extending from morning until late night, when the Indian community from all over Switzerland and many other neighbouring countries participates in the festivities with their friends and families. Although the scale of the event is not as huge as in India, the participants enjoy the elaborate and authentic rituals of the worship, colourful and melodious cultural programmes and the festive mood in an event far away from their homeland.

Among other events SWISSPUJA celebrates Rabindra Jayanti, the birth anniversary of the great poet, philosopher and educationist Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941). Rabindra Jayanti is celebrated with performances by the SWISSPUJA community members, primarily based on the Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore’s vast array of works — songs, dramas, poems as well as dances. In order to facilitate the socio-cultural bonding among the members, SWISSPUJA also organises an annual picnic for a day. This also is a very popular event among the members who thoroughly enjoy the day outing with fun, frolic and sumptuous food. This year SWISSPUJA intends to organise a cultural evening after Durga Puja to celebrate Bijoya Sammilani, where performers from India will travel to Switzerland to show case their talents and entertain the audience at large.

SWISSPUJA since its inception publishes an annual brochure (‘Puja Patrika’), released during Durga Puja. This multi-lingual brochure provides a platform for expression to the creative talent of our member community. SWISSPUJA is also conscious of and serious about its social responsibility and hence has been providing philanthropic support to various Swiss and Indian NGOs and foundations involved in relief and humanitarian work. SWISSPUJA conducts itself as per rules set out for such organisations in Switzerland and the activities are mandated in the AGBM (Annual General Body Meeting), which is followed by another cultural programme.